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The  LifeSubjects.com  website integrates content, products and services serving the purpose to effectively assist people searching the web for Health Information.


How we are making Impact:


We are your Local / International  partner

Making widely accessible translated content of Health and Wellness topics, in the language people speak and understand in most countries.


We are your One-Stop   Health and Wellness web inquiry

Using Credible sources   (Public-Agencies,  Libraries, Universities, Health Organizations,  Licensed Health care Professionals and Patient testimonials) 

Offering  a Value-Added  Health Subject Catalog enriched with current Articles, Media presentations,  and Latest Innovations.

Our editorial process Integrates and curates Health and Wellness subjects of multiple sources in Natural-Simple  language. 


We do it with Integrity

We are dedicated to providing quality health information and to upholding the integrity of our editorial process.


Editorial Process

* The publishing process requires that all content be regularly reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief for the credentials of the columnists,  the relevance of the content to the expertise of the columnists,  and the verification of the referenced sources.    * With the editorial team's advice where appropriate.





Owner & Editor

Konstantinos Kolios

+30 6947 891550


Editing Team

Konstantinos Kolios     Internet Professional         (Content approver / editor)

Stavros Bourdakis        Psychologist                       (Columnist / contributor)

Ioanna Dimitriadou       Special Educator                (Columnist / contributor)

Loucas Stenos                Medical Doctor                   (Special Partner - Medical Consultant - contributor)

Aristidis Pavlakis          Medical Doctor                   (Special Partner  - Medical Consultant - contributor)




Funding sources

  • Advertisements
  • Personal funds of the owner
  • *no third party funding sources





Last Updated:    7 June 2017